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Forthcoming: 社区志愿者服务资源的差异性分布与城市治理: 天津市四个市区的比较 [Differential Distribution of Community Volunteer Resources and Urban Governance: Comparison between Four Districts in Tianjin] in Jude Howell & Wang Chuanlan (eds), 非政府租住与社会发展 [Non-governmental organizations and development of the society]. Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2013.

Forthcoming: International Migration and Economic Development in Northeast China - The Acquisition and Transfer of New Migrant Capital, Howard Duncan & Zhang Jijiao (eds), China Migration in China and Asia: Experience and Policy. Springer, 2013.

Forthcoming: Divergent Trajectories among Chinese Community Volunteer Associations and Urban Governance: Comparing Four Districts in Tianjin, Journal of Comparative Asian Development, 2013.

Ekokaupungit - utopiasta käytäntöön, esimerkkinä Kiina. [Eco-cities – from utopia to practice. China as an example] Research report prepared for the Urban research and information unit of the City of Turku, 2011:5.

Community Volunteers' Associations in Contemporary Tianjin – Multipurpose Partners of the Party-state, Journal of Contemporary China, 2011:Nov.

Kiinan miljoonakaupungit: hallinto, liike-elämä ja elinympäristö muutoksessa [China's Megacities: Administration, Business and Living Environment in Transition] Outi Luova (ed). Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 2010.

Shanghain malli: valtion johdolla metropoliksi [The state-led development model of Shanghai] in Kiinan miljoonakaupungit

Järjestökentän hallittu kaaos [The controlled chaos of China's NPO-sector] in Kiinan miljoonakaupungit.

Kiina – Aluekehityksen trendit. [China - trends of regional developments]. Special report prepared for Unifin Ltd., 2009:4.

Transnational Linkages and Development Initiatives in Ethnic Korean Yanbian, Northeast China – "Sweet and Sour" Capital Transfers, Pacific Affairs 2009:3.

Managing International Migration in China – A View from Yanbian, Northeast China, Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration 2008:1.



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